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Let Me Live
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14th-Feb-2007 12:41 am - Find the Boy
well nyah
Since time doesn't have any real meaning, Claire's sitting at Camp Dunwell, in what could be laughingly referred to as her office, on the phone.

She doesn't have a lot of affection for Valentine's Day, and most of the time, thinks it's a holiday made to sell chocolate. It is making her think of Leon, though, and she's hoping she can find out where he is.

With any luck, he's nowhere classified.
5th-Feb-2007 12:41 pm - OOC: B0rk3d
OOC - Ali Larter
Okay, I thought maybe AIM was just being bitchy? But I guess the last update didn't go exactly as planned.

I'm going to have to reinstall it when I get back from work tonight. Sorry, Dave!
19th-Jan-2007 07:30 pm - OOC: Meme
OOC - card
Ask my characters about any of the following topics.

1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. LiveJournal
7. Porn
8. The Future

They'll respond in or out of character based on the topic. (Please don't ask Mio about sex. She's fourteen.)

16th-Jan-2007 09:44 pm - Chase Sequence
not dead yet
((THNM for the first week of December, 2006))

I *think* I can arrest you.Collapse )
6th-Jan-2007 07:02 pm - OOC: Idea
OOC - card
I don't really go in for the random LOLs. I know lots of people like them, and I've seen a lot of good RPing and writing come about from them, but I've never seen a LOL I just had to jump on (maybe it's because the last big LOL I jumped on led to Claire/Leon OTP).

So I was thinking of having most of my characters ride out the whole "Rassplosion" thing, but I had an idea.

How about a canonswap? One character of yours and one character of someone else's (presumably canon for ease of use) switch fandoms, and now act as though they were always there. You could canonswap with characters from the same fandom or another one.

I think it could be fun if people are interested.
1st-Jan-2007 03:24 pm - OOC: Congratulations!
OOC - chibi
Over the holidays, the players behind starspointman and starsmedic got engaged (FINALLY). Congratulations, you guys.

Since Jessy's over there talking about PLOT, I figured now is a good time to mention the idea that Del! and I had for nexus_outbreak... and if there's any real interest (and there might not be, since I suck), I may post it on dmooc.

The idea was something like a bunch of random characters getting stuck together on the world from the awesome Image comic The Walking Dead, without the ability to PINpoint out. Naturally, this would work best for characters who are below a certain power level... it'd be like threads from a hat, but you might die.

In the event that we've done too much with zombies and not-zombies, I figured we could also pick out a couple of other worlds, like the ones from the Restricted List that gadgetqueen has mentioned now and again.
25th-Dec-2006 02:18 am - OOC: Christmas Gifts
If you got a present, it was probably mailed to you.

the listCollapse )
23rd-Dec-2006 09:20 pm - OOC: Merry Happy
OOC - card
If I haven't caught up to you on AIM to yell at you about it, have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a Happy/Merry Whatever Else You Might Celebrate.

I know Dave celebrates Budweisermas.
22nd-Dec-2006 01:40 am - Start the Violence
talk to the gun
((time-has-no-meaninged to the first week of December))

Tell me about dieback.Collapse )
OOC - Ali Larter
Guys. Guys. Seriously.

Okay so I have finals and projects and a term paper and Wii Bowling to play and all that so I haven't been around and I'm sorry but

If you do any tabletop gaming at all you have to find this book called Bastards & Bloodlines. It's one of those d20 open source books.

It's fucking hilarious. It's all about playing stuff that's half one thing and half another.

Like half halfling, half blink dog.

Seriously it is awesome in a horrible way.
1st-Dec-2006 02:40 am - Alternator
I was just looking at my laptop, and, well...

Leon, there's weirdness going on.
29th-Nov-2006 04:34 pm - OOC: And It Plays Games, Too
OOC - gun fu
So the Wii comes with this thing called the Mii creator, where you slap together little Lego-man avatars for yourself to play with in Wii Sports and whatnot.

I'm pretty sure this is another pack-in game.

The RedfieldsCollapse )
28th-Nov-2006 03:05 am - OOC: Meme
OOC - chibi
1. Pick one of my characters, any one.
2. I will tell you the origin of his/her name. (I'll also tell you the origin behind their username if you like.)
3. I will tell you random facts surrounding his/her creation. (Or something to that effect.)
4. I will give you a random fact of his/her backstory.
5. I will give you a random fact of his/her forestory.
6. You may ask me up to ten questions about the character.

I play:

Claire Redfield, finalgirl
Teeny!Claire Redfield, before_the_city
David King, unavailable
Regina White, regina_mundi
Cheryl Mason (post-SH3), not_alessa

In the little-used file, there's:

Alexandra Roivas, once_a_fool
Mio Amakura, zero_shot
Rayne Kagan (weirdly AU), dhampir_girl
24th-Nov-2006 12:28 am - Message In A Bottle
[text only]

stupid brother determined to celebrate thanksgiving by watching every single james bond movie in order

send help

((Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.))
22nd-Nov-2006 09:35 pm - Turkey Day
PB - scarf
What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving?

I'm going to catch a late flight out tonight and force Chris to celebrate a major holiday.
31st-Oct-2006 03:56 pm - Happy Anniversary
I suppose technically, our real anniversary isn't for two weeks, but... to hell with it. Today's when it really started, anyway.

Happy anniversary, Leon. I love you.
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